Sunday, June 16, 2013

Take Action: Safer Arizona Marijuana Legalization Initiative

Safer Arizona is a grassroots initiative to legalize Marijuana in Arizona. At the moment the initiative is at the petition stage. In order for this initiative to get on the election ballots in November they need to have support from a large enough representation of the population to prove there is a large enough collective that feels strongly that change needs to take place.

So make your voice heard if you are a resident of Arizona, and spread the word.

You can email to let them know you are interested in volunteering!

The people at Safer Arizona have made a web page with all the links to the PDF files needed to print and submit your own Petitions.

You must print them on 8.5 x 14 pieces of paper, with out resizing or fitting to the page.
Safer Arizona Petition

Completed Petitions do not require all fifteen blanks be filled in.
Completed Petitions must be notarized before sending or delivering to:
Safer Arizona
3313 East Hillery Drive
Phoenix, Arizona 85032

For more contributions to the Safer Arizona petition drive please go to the site below:

Safer Arizona Contributions

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