Saturday, January 29, 2011

Alabama Court Drug Testing Parents Of Juveniles In Trouble

A court in Shelby County, Alabama is drug testing the parents of juvenile children on probation, according to activist Loretta Nall.

"I got an email from a parent in Shelby County last night who has a juvenile child enrolled in drug court," Nall writes on her blog. "This parent informed me that the judge (Kramer) forced a drug test on the spouse under threat of arrest 'to prove the parents are good role models' and that this is a standard procedure in Shelby County drug court."

According to Nall, the case in question wasn't even about drugs to begin with. "The kid in question shoplifted a pack of candy bars and got placed on probation," she said. "Later the kid tested positive for the fake marijuana that was outlawed [in Alabama] last legislative session."