Sunday, May 1, 2011

Legalize 2012 : Colorado Marijuana Legalization Campaign

Legalize 2012 is putting a citizen's initiative on the ballot in Colorado in 2012 to amend the Constitution to re-legalize cannabis and hemp for all uses. The Legalize 2012 Project is a grassroots organization working with all cannabis activists in the state to write an initiative that has a broad base of support.

For medical cannabis patients, the Legalize 2012 Constitutional Amendment is an important step in fixing Amendment 20, Colorado's flawed medical marijuana law that was passed by voters in 2000. Amendment 20 was poorly-written by out-of-state interests and has allowed the state to take over the medical marijuana program to the point where there is now a new branch of law enforcement dedicated to fingerprinting and videotaping patients and tracking every gram of cannabis from "seed to sale." Citizens can write a better initiative that will allow all adult Coloradans to have safe access to cannabis, thus protecting the rights of sick people to also have unfettered, safe access.

Get involved in the real grassroots effort to put an initiative on the ballot in Colorado: Legalize 2012.