Saturday, June 6, 2009

Legalize Marijuana Petition

The responsible use of alcohol was ended by the 18th Amendment on January 29, 1919. This amendment was repealed by the 21st Amendment on December 5, 1933 when the state of Utah ratified it. The reason for the repeal of the 18th Amendment was because the U.S. Government realized that prohibition only created more problems than it solved. Drinking rates grew higher, crime increased. Millions of dollars were made by bootleggers and moonshiners who didn't care if they were following the law or not. The most dangerous part about drinking was the criminal element involved with it's manufacture and/or sale.

Today we have a similar situation. In 1937 the U.S. passed the "Marihuana Tax Act of 1937". 'The Act did not itself criminalize the possession or usage of hemp, marijuana or cannabis, but levied a tax equaling roughly one dollar on anyone who dealt commercially in cannabis, hemp or marijuana. It did, however, include penalty provisions and a complex Regulation 1 codifying the elaborate rules of enforcement marijuana cannabis or hemp handlers were subject to. Violation of these procedures could result in a fine of up to $2000 and five years imprisonment. The net effect was to make it too risky for anyone to deal in the substance until World War II required the United States Department of Agriculture to make its 1942 movie "Hemp for Victory".' - from the Wikipedia Article Marihuana Tax Act of 1937.

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