Saturday, May 21, 2011

Judge Orders Cops To Return 2 Pounds Of Marijuana

A judge on Thursday ordered the California Highway Patrol to return two pounds of marijuana seized during an arrest in August 2010.

Sacramento Superior Court Judge John Spaunor ordered the police to return the personal property of Kevin Smith (not the famous movie director) of Sacramento after the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office dismissed DUI and marijuana possession charges against him.

Defense attorney Alex Veylupek said charges were dismissed in March after experts agreed that Smith did not have sufficient THC content in his bloodstream to cause impairment.

Veylupek said Smith has a rare medical condition that caused him to blackout behind the wheel while driving on Fair Oaks Boulevard last year. He also said Smith has a doctor’s prescription for up to three pounds of medical marijuana.

Via: Judge Orders Return Of 2 Pounds Of Marijuana - Most Popular News Story - KCRA Sacramento


phosports said...

dont they usually confiscate it?

Bob said...

What? Did he have a medical use card?